Charlie's Character

"I've always considered myself to be two martinis short of a people person"

About Charlie

Special Agent Charlotte Glass, a remarkable addition to the Iraq team, hails from the tranquil landscapes of rural Virginia but has been thrust into the fiery crucible of the Iraq War. Her academic journey is a testament to her dedication, having earned degrees from Georgetown University and the prestigious Sorbonne in Paris.
Charlotte’s journey into the high-stakes world of art crimes was an unexpected one. Her initial assignment with the FBI’s Art Crimes Team in Washington, D.C. focused on more routine investigations of art theft and illicit trade. Her talents for art history and her linguistic skills, including fluent French and a working knowledge of Arabic, made her a valuable asset, but her experience was primarily in studying and preserving cultural treasures, not in the rigors of conflict zones.
The transition from the serene halls of academia to the chaos of war-torn Iraq was abrupt. Special secondment from her assignment in Paris placed her in the heart of a volatile region, working alongside seasoned veterans with a wealth of field experience.
Charlotte’s eagerness to learn, adapt, and her unyielding determination quickly earned her the respect of her colleagues. Drawing on her deep knowledge of art history, and linguistic prowess proved invaluable in bridging cultural gaps and establishing crucial connections with local experts and informants.
Her unwavering commitment to the team’s mission, coupled with her ability to navigate complex social and cultural landscapes, earned her a vital role within the Art Crimes team in Iraq. She became the team’s bridge to understanding and accessing the intricate world of stolen artifacts and illicit art networks operating amidst the chaos of conflict.

In the end, Charlotte’s journey from rural Virginia to the frontlines of the Iraq War is a testament to her adaptability, courage, and passion for preserving the world’s cultural heritage. Her story serves as a reminder that even in the most challenging circumstances, individuals with determination and a love for their craft can make a profound impact.